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Sourcing & Solutions

Product 'SOURCING', Product 'SOLUTIONS' and Product 'SUPPLY'!
We have been building and maintaining strong relationships for over 30 years - Relationships that help us to provide added valve through:

SOURCING: Products from the right partners
SOLUTIONS: Providing innovation to drive profitability
SUPPLY: Process Control to ensure quality and consistency

Having worked with some of the most recognisable brands in the UK, Europe and the US, we fully understand the importance of having the Right Products available at the Right Time.

How can we help you?

For Kamec providing products, components or goods, is all about finding the Right Supplier, the Right Partner – a manufacturer or factory that is able to deliver the quality you demand at an affordable price that gives you the margin you need to drive your business forward. Doing this correctly, with the right process in place - can have a positive impact on your bottom line!

We appreciate and understand that every customer (and their requirement) is unique, that is why we help you to consider and evaluate each and every step through the process – Kamec are here to help you to tailor the process to suit you and your business; helping with Sourcing, Development, Procurement, Manufacturing, Innovation and Quality (both domestically and internationally): Kamec, driving profitability through collaboration, understanding and solutions!

Environmental, Social & Ethical

Representing your values, we ensure that each and every factory we conduct business with, fully adheres to the Environmental, Social and Ethical policies that we so firmly believe in.

Every factory is fully audited (and regularly reviewed) to ensure that they implement a continual improvement process – it is our belief that everyone in the supply chain, should benefit by doing business with us, but not to the determent of others or the environment.

"Many companies face ever changing demands and requirements of their customers, stakeholders and the market in which they operate. In response to these challenges, Kamec offer these businesses a simple, easy and cost-effective way to source and purchase goods, products and components – thereby allowing them to drive efficiency and deliver profitability and therefore sustainable growth"

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