What Is Product Sourcing & How It Works

Put very simply, before you can purchase products, components or goods - you need to find a supplier and ensure that they are right for you and your business. Finding the right supplier is vital – getting it wrong can be difficult and costly to correct in the future.

What is Sourcing?

So, Sourcing is the process of finding, vetting and selecting the suppliers that can provide you with the Right Products, at the Right Price and at the Right Time (we will cover making sure that these are for the Right People and in the Right Place a little later – please see our Supply and Solutions pages).

This process of Sourcing, which may at first look and sound simple, can quickly become a minefield – with hidden complexities and pitfalls. Kamec are here to reduce and remove these complexities and help you avoid those pitfalls.

Why Kamec?

Sourcing is the very first step in the supply chain, the foundation on which the rest of the process is built, Sourcing is crucial to developing and delivering competitive products, driving profitability and keeping your customers happy. With over thirty years of experience, Kamec already have an established working relationship with a large number of suppliers – manufacturers and factories that have already been audited and approved by some of the best-known brands in the UK (if not the world).

Working together we will help in identifying the best route forward, offering alternative supply or supplier options. Together we will solve any potential issues, to establish a stronger relationship and understanding with your chosen partner – all of which helps to build trust and encourage open communication. As a Sourcing specialist, we firmly believe that having the right base in place at the start of the process, reduces risk, builds confidence and delivers better products – all of which leads to happier customers.


The advantages of establishing relationships with overseas Suppliers far outweigh the risks, delivering Enhanced Competitiveness, Increased Sales/Profitability, Gains in Market Share, Exploitation of New Technologies and creating potential for Expansion.

Using Kamec and our years of experience, enhance these advantages, remove the complexities and reduce the risk.

Kamec Sourcing

When it comes to Sourcing and selecting the right partner, there are no shortcuts, no compromise – using our experience, backed by years of research, product and factory development, inspection and investigation, we take the time to ensure that we fully know and understand any potential supplier before presenting you with the options.

We dig into their history, their records, policies and reputation (Ethical, Environmental and Commercial), as we fully appreciate that we are representing you, your business, your brand and your reputation.

There are many things that we evaluate when visiting a potential prtner or factory, here are just a few of the things we look for in a supplier:
• Experience
• Flexibility
• Service
• Stability
• Reputation

We ensure that any (and every) potential supplier is visited in person, exponentially increasing the chances of securing a better working relationship and favourable terms (while allowing Ethical and Environmental Audits to be conducted – something that we insist on for each and every factory).

We do the research, we do the homework to be sure that regulations, registrations, licenses, and certification are all in place and current – everything is fully vetted to ensure credibility.

Work Ethics

Our 'start to finish', 'womb to tomb' Sourcing services not only guarantee that you receive the quality and pricing that you require, but these are obtained using 'best practice' processes.

We have established a network of trusted suppliers, manufacturers, producers and factories (both home and abroad), some of whom we have worked with for over thirty years – this relationship and understanding, has always been built on a desire to deliver the best products, in the best way possible.

Delivering the Right Products, at the Right Price for the Right People and ensuring that they are at the Right Place at the Right Time.

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