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The importance of Sourcing in unquestionably a key factor in any Development project, but we appreciate and understand that innovation is the 'Life Blood' of any business!

Why Choose Kamec?

Kamec are here to offer a range of Solutions, through our breadth of knowledge and experience, to ensure that the Products, Components or Goods that you require are Right for you, your Business and your Customers – here to help make sure that they are for the Right People! (for making sure that they are in the Right Place – please see SUPPLY).

We have Sourced and selected the suppliers that can provide the Right Products, at the Right Price and at the Right Time! But, how about doing the research, evaluations and followed the right process to develop the Product and drive Innovation?

"Great Ideas are only half the battle" – the other half is about moving these forward and bringing them to market! Research shows that up to 97% of new/start-up companies that are looking to launch 'physical' innovative products (products that need to be manufactured), will fail!

The importance of Sourcing is unquestionably a key factor in any Development project, that process of finding, vetting and selecting the suppliers that can provide you with the Right Products, at the Right Price and at the Right Time. But there are a number of other elements, services and experiences (as well as skills) that are required to give complete Peace of Mind. Innovation is the 'life blood' of any business, we understand and appreciate how difficult it is to get this innovation on to the marketplace.

Kamec with over thirty years' experience in product development will help in identifying improvements, efficiencies and cost savings opportunities! Delivering cost reductions, quality improvements and procurement excellence throughout (adding value through improved operational performance).

Building valve by providing Solutions and Advantages, Technical Engineering, Development and Testing/Technical Files.

Product Development & Innovation

Time to Market management and Design for Manufacture: Don't let valuable internal resources be consumed by too many development projects – Let Kamec provide that balance between Innovation & Improvement (managing Cost Reductions, Modifications and True Innovation!). From Brainstorming and Design to Marketing and Distribution, we have the experience to provide everything you need to drive sales and profitability (and deliver the standard of service that your customers demand).

Market & Feasibility Evaluation:

Understanding the marketplace is one of the most underrated parts of any development or innovative process (and is often overlooked): what makes a product commercially viable, what does the customer/end user want, what is the market size, who is the competition, what is it going to cost to get this product to market, what testing and certification is required? Just a few of the important questions that we can help to be answered before committing to a costly development plan.

Strategy & Competitor Activity Review

What is your vision and how are we going to get there? Kamec have been providing Marketing and Sales support to some of the biggest names in retail, helping them plan and implement sales and promotional plans as well as launch activities!

Dissemination & Exploitation

Promote you, your product and get your message out there! Driving interest and exposure for all innovation and new product launches.

Quality Control & Inspection

Including Certification, Compliance and Testing! Quality Assurance, putting the processes in place to ensure that the Product is Right, making sure that everything is recorded every step of the way. Monitoring and investigating legislative requirements, trends, commercial requirements, (local/national/international) and documenting approvals.

Engineering & Tooling

From model making tooling design, 'making' and commissioning, to engineering solutions and options – we are all about making your vision a reality.

Intellectual Property

An essential part of protecting your creations, products and innovation, we offer a research, investigation and application service that can help highlight any potential issues (and offer advice on what might be done) during the development process.

Kamec are here to help walk you through the process, reducing the risk and removing potential pitfalls.

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