Manufacturing & Logistic

We have done the research, the evaluation and followed the right process to develop the Product and drive Innovation – now these need to be produced, manufactured and delivered to the Right Place!

Kamec UK

With a history of delivering growth and profitability for our customers, we understand that there are many variances and changes that can still occur within the supply, production and logistic handling of your products, goods or components – all of which impact on the bottom line.

Helping you to understand and control these aspects, complexities and variances, together we can ensure that we manage the risks within the supply chain.

Design to Manufacture

We know from experience (over 30 years of delivering development projects to some of the most recognisable brands in the UK, Europe and the USA), that the transition from Design to Manufacture is the downfall of many a good product launch! It's that tricky area that is often overlooked in any project - the design is finished, sales and marketing are ready to hit the button on the promotional materials, but somehow things just aren't going to plan!

The period from the end of the design process to the start of full production is a difficult time – there are so many things that can start to be overlooked, things missed or factors that were just unknown at the start of the project. It's nobody's fault, it's just the transition from a design to production, we are available to review, assess and advise on this process – here to help make the progress that is needed to keep everything on track.


Using our experience and insight, why not let Kamec become your Supplier, your trading Partner - let Kamec take on the responsibility of providing product, goods and components directly to you (the Door-to-Door Service). Many of our customers are already trusting us to take control on their behalf - outsourcing the whole process so they can focus their attention on their core business.

Don't let resources be consumed by too many projects, let Kamec provide that balance between Innovation and Improvement (managing Cost Reductions, Modifications and True Innovation!). Not every business has the time or resources to visit trade fairs or factories, but we know that these activities can be beneficial. Let Kamec do what they do best!

Product development, manufacturing and innovation - delivering procurement and quality management services – Kamec have a well-established network of production partners, as well as a tried and tested supply chain.

Managing the Risks of Supply

Finding, approving factories and dealing with the shipping complexities are just the start of the challenges that face anyone who is seeking to establish trading relationships overseas. International trade brings many risks and complexities (above and beyond the basic disciplines necessary to operate domestically).

Kamec, with a breadth of experience, are here to help and ensure that the risks are managed right from the outset - helping with issues such as:

Rapid development, to help meet the demands of an ever-changing market – with tried and tested Time to Market and Critical Path management processes. All the way through to Production and Manufacturing.

On premises verification and audits (Ethical, Environmental and Product/Process), we ensure that everything is exactly as it should be – protecting you, your product, your brand and your reputation through testing and inspection.

Certification, Regulations and Licensing assessment and sign off processes – helping build a technical understanding of each and every aspect of the process.

Legal support and understanding, from Contracts and Negotiations to Supplier and Exclusivity Agreements.

Logistics, helping to ensure that everything is in its place, Documentation, Freight, Duty and Transportation.

Adapt through local knowledge and understanding, we have an established logistic network around the world (and around the corner), we are here to find the best solution for you.

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